LINC 2018

"Nature and Blue Economy"

The leading theme for LINC 2018 conference is "Nature and Blue Economy -waters, nature, food promoting well-being and tourism".

"Nature and Blue economy" theme was very natural choice for us. Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. Our region in Southwest Finland offers crystal-clear lakes, fast-flowing rivers and beautiful coastline. Here you are never far from the water! We are also proud of Finland's green and pure forests. Almost 80 % of our country's land area in total is forest.

Old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors and stone churches, forests, large ridge areas and national parks stretching over land and sea – this is LINC 2018 region in a nutshell.

What is blue economy?

Blue economy is based on the sustainable use of water and other renewable resources*. Finland’s forests, fields and waters produce plenty of raw materials and create the conditions for services depending on the natural environment, such as nature tourism. In addition to this, blue economy may also refer to any economic activity in the maritime sector, which is also versatile in Southwest Finland.

Renewable ecosystem services offer opportunities for various kinds of enterprise, for example, in tourism and well-being businesses. Development and productisation of sustainable solutions into business activities is a core element of bioeconomy.  There are new business opportunities based on ecosystem services for building, decentralised energy production and water and landscape management.

Finland has a good reputation in the international water and environmental expertize. For example Finnish forests are managed and used in a sustainable manner -much more wood grows every year than what is being utilized.

There are a lot of Leader funded projects related to theme "Nature and Blue economy" in our region that we wish to present our LINC participants!