3. Eura region

Cultural heritage, architecture and bottom-up businesses
in countryside

LINC Kauttuan Ruukinpuisto

Leader Pyhäjärviseutu will take their LINC-guests to the beautiful Eura region, which is locates about 40 km east of Rauma in southern Satakunta. The area is known of its exceptionally abundant archaeological sites, especially from the iron age.

This study tour will consist of a visit to Sammallahdenmäki UNESCO World Heritage site, a glance to couple of local enterprises and a visit the Pyhäjärvi institute -a research centre for food economy and water protection.

At Kauttua ironworks area participants can explore Kauttua’s industrial heritage and cultural environment, including Alvar Aalto designed apartments and buildings.

study tour 3

Worshop theme: Knowledge and promotion of food economy and water protection

Accommodation: Rauma

Study tour program

Departure from hotels to the study tour
Sammallahdenmäki UNESCO World Heritage Site
Kivikylä, a local enterprise
Local food lunch at Kauttua Club
Pyhäjärvi institute
Thematic workshops
14:30Kauttua ironworks area
Presentation of local Leader funded projects
16:30Departure to Rauma
19:00 Pick up from the hotels to Fåfänga (Cooperation café and option to get to know the Raumanmeri bay area)
20:30 Standing dinner at Fåfänga

More information about the area: Visit Pyhäjärviseutu