4. Lake Pyhäjärvi

Nature tourism in the Lake Pyhäjärvi region
– abundant forests and watercourses

LINC Sieravuori

This study tour is organised by Leader South West Finland Riverside Partners (Jokivarsikumppanit). Taking the Harjureitti route will lead participants along the region’s  nature-rich ridge, which is adjacent to lake Pyhäjärvi, about 60 km southeast of Rauma.  The participants will visit Myllylähde watermill, the Nature Cabinet wildlife exhibition in Yläne and the Sieravuori holiday and nature tourism centre located by Lake Pyhäjärvi.

The study tour will guide you through this national Finnish landscape, explaining Finnish nature tourism in practice and introducing sauna, swimming, standup paddleboarding and frisbee golf.

Remember to take a towel and swimsuit with you!

study tour 4
©Haloo maaseutu, Anssi Ketonen

Workshop theme: Finnish nature – enjoy the simple things in life

Accommodation: Rauma

Study tour program

Departure from hotels to the study tour
Harjureitti road
Myllylähde watermill
Grilling sausage over an open fire at Kantolaavu
11:30Thematic workshop on the bus
Nature Cabinet in Yläne
Local food lunch
Sieravuori holiday and nature tourism center - sauna, stanup paddleboarding and swimming
16:30Departure to Rauma

More information about the area: Visit Pyhäjärviseutu