5. Uusikaupunki region

Closed circulation concept, village action and picturesque surroundings of archipelago villages

This study tour is hosted by Leader Ravakka.  The area is known of its active village life. This study tour familiarizes participants to different action forms of local village associations, some tourist services and a nature trail. In addition to this we are proud to present enterprises benefitting a closed circulation concept. Their innovation combines food, energy and beaty production with recycles nutrients, water, heat and CO2.

We will visit in four places. The whole trip is about 115 km long. There is a map to follow our trip more closely.

8:45               Departure from hotels to the study tour

9:15               Mimis -closed circulation concept

9:45               Departure from Mimis

On the way: The car factory of Uusikaupunki, presentation about Leader in Finland and LAG Ravakka. Please, get familiar with the instructions of the workshop, attached.

10:15             Arrival to the destination. A walking tour in Pyhämaa about 1,5 km via

12:00             Lunch in Pyhämaan Pirtti, local food, especially fish

13:10             Departure from Pyhämaa

On the way: Please change the place in a bus from the original next to someone you don’t know so well.

13:15-13:45  Thematic workshop working time on the bus: Resource wisdom in rural areas.

14:00             Vehmaan Verso a greenhouse with values. Short stop and presentation in a bus.

14:20             Tummamäen luontopolku- Nature trail of Tummamäki

The group will be divided in to two: the other ½ will first go to guided tour and the other ½ with Ulla to having a cup of coffee at a fireplace. After half an hour exchange.

15:30            Departure to Uusikaupunki

On a way back there will be presentation about tourism opportunities in SW Finland and archipelago.

16:00            A small Uusikaupunki town sightseen by bus, about 15 minutes

16:15             Arrival at hotel

18:20 Pick up from the hotels to Fåfänga /Rauma
 (Cooperation café and option to get to know the Raumanmeri bay area)
20:30 Standing dinner at Fåfänga

Ravakan retki


study tour 5.1
Workshop theme: Resource wisdom in rural areas
Accommodation: Uusikaupunki