7. Iniö island

Maritime and living archipelago village

LINC samma båt 1
©Janne Gröning
This study tour is hosted by Leader I samma båt -samassa veneessä, which will take the participants to the island of Iniö, located in about 60 km south of Uusikaupunki in Archipelago Sea.

Iniö is connected to the mainland via ferry route.

The study tour program consists of a walk along the nature trail, local food lunch and a stroll in the old picturesque village.  During the tour the participant will see and experience different sceneries in the largest archipelago in Northern Europe.  

Study tour 7
©Janne Gröning

Workshop theme: Nature, people and culture - wonders of the archipelago

Accommodation: Uusikaupunki             

Study tour program

Departure from hotels to the study tour
Ferry from Kustavi to Iniö island
Iniö nature trail
Local food lunch at Iniö Församlingshem, local entrepreneur market
Iniö village
Departure to Uusikaupunki
15:30Thematic workshop on the bus
18:20Pick up from the hotels to Fåfänga (Cooperation café and option to get to know the Raumanmeri bay area)
20:30  Standing dinner at Fåfänga