Project proposals LINC18

Blue Mound / LAG Country Utena region / LITHUANIA

Key theme: Tourism. We are looking for a partner LAG, whose activities are aimed at increasing the attractiveness of regional activities by expanding sustainable tourism.

Utena region is one of the priority regions for tourism development in Lithuania, because this region is full of tourism resources and opportunities for developing sustainable and cultural tourism by preserving the natural and cultural environment.

The association, uniting the entire sector — representatives of business, non-profit organisations and authorities — and operating using "bottom-up" strategies is the ideal tool for developing tourism in Utena region. This association is Utena Region Local Action Group.

Project "Blue Mound“ goal - using the Leader principles (the main "Bottom-up”) to create a functioning international tourism route connecting x countries. (Main Leader principles: Area-based: taking place in a small, homogeneous socially cohesive territory. Bottom-up: local actors design the strategy and choose the actions. Public-private partnership: LAGs are balanced groups involving public and private-sector actors, which can mobilise all available skills and resources. Innovation: giving LAGs the flexibility to introduce new ideas and methods. Integration: between economic, social, cultural and environmental actions, as distinct from a sectoral approach. Networking: allowing learning among people, organisations and institutions at local, regional, national and European levels. Co-operation: among LEADER groups, for instance to share experiences, allow complementarity or to achieve critical mass)

The project would contribute to the implementation of all partners' local development strategies.

Country or type of partner we are looking for: LAG, whose activities are aimed at increasing the attractiveness of regional activities by expanding sustainable tourism (environmentally friendly activities) involving local natural and cultural heritage objects. Also organizations that know and nurture their country's cultural traditions, typical products and are able to organize traditional feasts and popularize their local tourist attractions and are interested in the possibility of creating international routes.

Contact person:

Modestas Gadliauskas
+370 670 54830

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