Project proposals LINC18

Fresh and processed fish production popularization and local fishermen catch protection/LAG/FLAG “Partnership for country and sea” / LATVIA

Key theme: local economy (non-agricultural). Expectations: Partners from FLAGS, preferably from Baltic sea area.

How to process fish and market products

New technologies and skills in a fish processing is essential to keep fisherman in the business, and attract new people to the field.  And, of course, successful marketing is essential to sell production. During the project we are planning to share technologies how to process fish (smoked fish mainly) and learn new technologies that partners are using (sun dried fish etc.), how to properly market them and attend some fish festivals/markets and to promote production together with partners, help to local fisherman make new contacts and to found new business partners.

Another problem to the fisherman is how to save their catch as seals are getting more and more a problem. We are planning to test new technology how to scare away them from areas where fishermen are fishing and would like to learn more about technologies that are used in different countries.

Contact person

Zane Zorina

Palaa otsikoihin