Project proposals LINC18

INNOHERB – More green economy / LAG Aktiivinen Pohjois-Satakunta / FINLAND

Key theme: Green economy – innovations, environment, energy, sustainability. Promotion, marketing, commercial product identification and diffusion of use of herb products as well "green economy" are the main thematics of this cooperation project.

We have carried out in Leader area a prefeasibility study on innovative and new cultivation system for non-profit lands as regards one “new” plant to be introduced to cultivation as well research on other herb plants.

In this project the partner areas could examine the proper conditions and possibilities to commercialise better or to introduce in cultivation of herbal plants/forest plants. The increasing of the possibilities of using wildfood is also one of the priorities of the project and supporting the multiple use of wild plants and herbs. Developing of ecoinnovations, marketing, new products. 

The Finnish state’s nature research center ( Parkano unit is willing to collaborate in identifying of innovative new plants for cultivation. Actually the researchers have been carrying out a prefeasibility and testing project on cultivation of some wetland and swamp plants which would extremely profitable if introduced in cultivation. In certain cases the cultivation could be done in a sustainable way using terrains which are not profitable for other kind of cultivation (like poor forest soils and land). The results of the prefeasibility project have been very promising. In the collaboration project we could test different plants (herbs, wildfood plants) and cultivation as well defining and making the activation of farmers/ forest owners on these new sources of income.


International coordinator
Krista Antila
+358 505206396

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