Project proposals LINC18

Natural H2O - Liutika Mineral Water/ Kaisiadorys district LAG / LITHUANIA

Key themes: local economy (non-agricultural). Expectations: rural, urban or bi-sectorial LAGs

Darsūniškis mineral source (Liutika source) is a natural heritage located in Darsuniškis, Kaišiadorys district. It has been declared a protected object since 1999. The source lays on the eastern outskirts of the settlement, near the border mark of the town. At the moment, the source is used free of charge by locals and tourists. The main idea of the project is to turn the natural mineral resource into one of the sources of income of the community and to provide health-friendly water to the inhabitants of Kaisiadorys district.

Contact Person

Auksė Degutytė
+370 6 48 03054

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