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Open call + Cultural heritage or youth work/ LAG Nouseva Rannikkoseutu, FINLAND

Key themes: Culture and Youth. Open call for partners interested in tourism, culture, local economy, environment, food and informal learning, actors from Northern Finland, Northern Sweden and Northern Norway interested in cultural heritage.

LAG Nouseva Rannikkoseutu (Finland)

Nouseva Rannikkoseutu is a LEADER local Action Group from Northern Finland. Our area covers seven municipalities and approximately 54 000 inhabitants.

LAG Nouseva Rannikkoseutu focuses on four kinds of actions strongly influencing to one another:

  1. Actions that improve the quality of life in general: strengthens pleasance, vitality and co-operation.
  2. Actions that improve employment and diversify sources of income and lines of business.
  3. Actions that support sustainable development and good state of environment.
  4. Actions that improve young peoples involvement in local development.

LAG Nouseva Rannikkoseutu has started a project which aims to add and support international possibilities for the people of the area.  The project has named youth as the main focus group. International youth work in our area aims for preventing social exclusion and increasing young people’s possibilities to influence and participate.

We are searching partners for projects in the fields of…


We are planning a project which aims to create a network of cultural heritage actors from Northern Finland, Northern Sweden and Northern Norway.

The project aims for pointing out the significance of possibilities related to cultural heritage, augmentation of know-how, strengthening the traditions of doing and experimenting by oneself, and communating information. As a result, cultural heritage and local strengths could be utilised in tourism (as new events, services and products).


We are interested in implementing youth exchange projects as well as volunteering and other youth projects (Erasmus+ programme) in all fields and themes.

We are also open to cooperation in the fields of tourism, culture, local economy, environment, food and informal learning.


Erja Simuna, international affairs coordinator, LAG Nouseva Rannikkoseutu
+358 50 413 0615 in English

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