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Youth exchange project: circular economy/ JAPA ry (NGO)/ FINLAND

Key themes: Youth, circular economy, experience exchange.

Who we are?

JAPA ry is local sustainable development office in Jyväskylä and 4H association of Jyväskylä region is local part of international 4H youth organization. Both operate in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. We are looking for a partner for a circular economy themed youth exchange project, starting at the end of 2018.

Main target group: Youth and young entrepreneurs

In this project entrepreneurship and sustainable development are considered from the point of view of the circular economy

The aim of the project

  • Develop and strengthen youth’s working life skills in the future
  • To introduce the themes of circular economy in youngsters' own area as well as theirstrengths through international connections
  • Get ideas what has been done and exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge
  • Increase the environmental awareness of all future youth and employees and create comprehensive thinking in working life
  • Recognize the conformity of economy and other sustainable development (resource wisdom)
  • Familiarize the theme internationally through the theme-related trends
Young people are interested in the circular economy and other themes
surrounding sustainable development, but prefer to see and experience things in
practice instead of learning while confined to their desks
- Opettaja (The Teacher) magazine in Finland

Contact person

Anna Sarkkinen, Japa ry
JAPA ry in English
Jyväskylä 4H in English

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